FAQs for Land Purchases and Sales

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Does the University sell real estate?

Yes, although not often. The University sells property that is declared "surplus" by the Board of Regents. Current "surplus" property

How can I buy real estate from the University?

When the University sells property to the public, the Real Estate Office has several options. Contact the Director - Transactions and Operations and see Real Estate Sales Procedure.

Who owns University real estate?

Regents of the University of Minnesota, a Minnesota constitutional corporation, owns University real estate.

How does the University declare its real estate "surplus"?

When property has fulfilled its useful life, or is no longer useful in support of the University's educational mission, the property may be declared "surplus." The Board of Regents has the authority to consider whether to designate property "surplus" if such property has aggregate consideration in excess of $1,000,000 or is larger than 40 acres.

How often does the Board of Regents meet?

The Board of Regents meets most months. Last year, 8 times.

How can I find out what property the University owns, and where it is located?

How can I get an easement from the University?

The University grants long-term license agreements, temporary construction agreements (rather than easements), and use agreements for utilities, air rights, etc.  Contact the Director - Transactions and Operations or the Senior Real Estate Specialist.

If the Universiy is a non-profit, state-supported institution, why does it rent and sell property at all?

Any monies derived from the sale or leasing of land fund academic, scholarship, or other educational missions of the University, or are applied to operating costs.