Space Performance Guidelines (MFM)

The Minnesota Facilities Model and Development of the Space Performance Guidelines

The Minnesota Facilities Model, a tool that's been used for evaluating, allocating and planning space use within University of Minnesota system-wide facilities is undergoing a comprehensive review to understand existing metrics within our built environments and to ensure alignment with current and trending institutional standards and best practices. 

An amended set of metrics and methodologies will be compiled and released under a new name, as the university's Space Performance Guidelines; to equitably and effectively allocate and assign campus-wide space. Guidance on space metrics and methodologies are critical to defining a framework by which all space is allocated, creating continuity of space types by size to support uniform programming of university space; from space and occupancy planning efforts, feasibility studies, to predesign of smaller building renovations and remodels, to building additions and expansions, to ground up construction projects.

The Space Performance Guidelines will ensure equitable allocation and distribution of space as well as achieving targeted occupancy, capacity and utilization rates.

The guidelines will be applied in many ways to support our services as well as the services of those we work to support.

Minnesota Facilities Model PDF