Transitional Support

The Work+ Program includes a suite of training activities and resource to prepare managers and staff so they can make the most of the workplace.

  • New Ways of Working - Understanding how to set goals and use them to organize your day, choosing where, how, and with whom to work so that you are most productive. Community, culture, and change are also addressed as topics.  (view the New Ways of Working training presentation) 
  • Document Storage and Scanning - Assessing current filing practices and options and then creating future filing protocols for local, central, offsite and digital storage
  • Managing Flexible Teams - Learning how to set goals to guide work and measure progress among a mobile workforce along with coaching on how best to enable the transition in terms of community and culture. (view the Managing Flexible Teams training presentation) 
  • Workplace Technology - Learning about options for voice communication, data, messaging and collaboration tools applicable to a new activity-based working environment
  • Workplace Protocols - Collectively establishing the norms and culture for a space in order to make the most of it and avoid disruptions and conflict

Work+ is implemented through an engaging process and uses a variety of tools to understand the current situation and determine future needs. These are used in a flexible process tailored to the size and schedule.


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