Work+ Overview

How it Works

Work+ is an inclusive process to holistically provide people with the flexibility, spaces, technology, and training (Transitional Support), so that work is more effective, efficient, and satisfying. By focusing on the work that happens in a particular group within a department/unit, changes to space, technology and work process can be integrated. The process takes into consideration each group’s needs and vision so that the solution can be tailored to how you work individually and in teams (Workstyles).

It is not one-size-fits-all. Because there is no cookie cutter solution, each ‘neighborhood’ of approximately 40-50 people will have a unique mix of spaces designed specifically for the needs of its occupants. Here’s what you can expect from the Work+ process:

  • A visioning session and interviews with the department/unit’s senior management
  • A staff online survey to understand the experience at work and how well the current workplace supports that work
  • Quick, first-hand observations of how the department/unit uses current spaces
  • Staff workshops to review and refine the findings
  • A “design brief” that summarize all the above
  • An architectural design that responds to the design brief
  • Creation of a workplace featuring a variety of tools that support a number of different work styles
  • A post-occupancy evaluation to measure the success of the project once complete
  • Tweaks to the workplace if there are needs