Why Work+

Work+ can help university departments and units facing challenges with their space, technology or organization.


Why Space

Does your group’s workspace meet your needs? There are many considerations when determining whether you are getting the most out of your allotted university space. Some spaces may be outdated, poorly configured or not supportive of employee workstyles. Others may not reflect the goals of the department/unit or management style. And then there’s space that is completely vacant, eating up financial resources. By reallocating under-utilized or vacant space, departments/units can create other needed spaces and reduce costs. 

Work+ will help identify what your department/unit’s space functionality is and create a strategy for transforming it to meet your needs.


Why Technology

Because today’s technology changes so rapidly, it can be hard to master its full potential before it becomes outdated and needs to be replaced. Under-utilized or inferior technology can lead to frustration and inefficiency.

Work+ identifies the types of technology and IT support that will allow your department/unit to be effective and fully utilize current mobile workplace tools.


Why People

Do you interact with your co-workers as often as needed? Does your current cubicle support or impair collaboration? An open and inviting workspace is a tremendous opportunity for community-building. Having the technology and training to get your work done well, removes impediments to your success.

Work+ can help your department/unit design a satisfying workspace that brings people together, opens new lines of communication, inspires creativity and builds the foundation for success.

May Not Be For Everyone

While Work+ can enable groups to be more collaborative and productive in dealing with resource constraints, it requires funding to reconfigure spaces as well as time and training for staff. Additionally, some groups may have already transitioned to a mobile workstyle and not benefit as much from engaging in the Work+ process.