Work+ Project Overview


The Work+ process consists of five consecutive phases: project initiation, data gathering & analysis, design concepting, implementation, and evaluation. View the Key Activities, Key Roles and Project Roles for a typical Work+ project in the Work+ Process document.

Pilot project will:

  • Enable OHR's people to be engaged and connected in an environment in which they can thrive and achieve
  • Support a wide range of workstyles and activities (from collaboration to concentration), and easy transitions between them
  • Provide a variety of work spaces that are tailored to suit team and individual needs which are not “one-size-fits-all”
  • Equip people with the technology and training needed to collaborate with colleagues and customers as well as to digitally create, share, refine, and store work
  • Foster a sense of community, access to and support for each other, and a unified culture with a common rhythm
  • Create a tighter OHR community; going from 5 locations to 2
  • Create a shared direction and community that is joyful, supportive of one another’s work, and eager to explore new opportunities and move quickly