The Signage Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Vice President of University Services on campus signage related matters. Committee members bring expertise in areas of architecture, campus planning, building and fire codes, marketing and branding, accessibility, public safety, parking and transportation, pedestrian navigation, land care, and sign materials, fabrication, and installation, to evaluate signage related requests and issues for the Twin Cities Campus. The Signage Committee may also work with System Campuses on signage related issues, as requested.

Signage Review and Approval Process

All permanent and temporary signage intended for display on the Twin Cities Campus must be approved by the Signage Committee.

Email [email protected] to request a signage review request form or with any questions regarding signage on the Twin Cities Campus.

Be prepared to submit your sign request with a rendering of the design, size specifications, and map of the proposed sign location. Allow for ten working days from the day you submit a completed form for the Signage Committee's review period.

Note: Standard signs produced by the UMN Sign Shop, including standard exterior building identification signage and standard interior signs (such as Room Identification, Restroom Signs, Interior Directional Signs, etc.), are exempt from Signage Committee review and approval process.