About PSRE Space Planning and Management

PSRE Space Planning and Management provides comprehensive oversight of the University of Minnesota’s system-wide portfolio of space in several capacities.

As stewards of nearly 33 million gross square feet of space, we provide thoughtful space programming, planning, and management services by working collaboratively with stakeholders across the university, developing solutions to both near and long-term space problems, where these partnerships ensure effective, efficient, and equitable use of this limited institutional resource for its highest and best use. 

In practice, we use institutional metrics, methodologies, policies, and procedures to align programmatic needs with space allocations and assignments in support of the University’s mission. These tools play a major role in a program’s success, its operations, shaping the physical space to achieve optimal use and functionality as well as the organization and prioritization of space to meet both current and projected facility’s needs. 

By working collaboratively, we’re ensuring engagement with the appropriate stakeholders and cross-functional groups, as well as making sure we’re deferring to the right policies and procedures, accessing the right tools, resources, and technology to support our collective efforts. 

This holistic approach to space allows us to balance effective programming with thoughtful conceptual planning, leading us to safe, functional, and inviting spaces that allow us to:

  • Support the evolving needs of the University and its community.
  • Enhance user experience within its facility spaces.
  • Create an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable culture and work environment.
  • Improve overall employee interaction and productivity, which includes health and well-being.
  • Ensure the University remains competitive with its post-pandemic work environments.
  • Prepare our community for a newly envisioned world of work.

For general inquiries, and questions please email [email protected]