Occupancy Planning Services

The Central and Health Sciences department's provide university Resource Responsibility Centers and associated departments with a better understanding of their space use; in precise detail, the supply and demand of space and how it aligns with financial, operational, cultural and various other goals and objectives.  

Occupancy Planning can be an on-going exercise to validate an organization's growth strategy and can be used to inform specific project or budget planning efforts, ensuring the following.

  • The amount of space is sufficient - do you have too much or too little space?
  • The types of spaces are functionally appropriate - do the spaces support the business objectives and culture?
  • The use of spaces are being optimized - are the spaces meeting targeted utilization rates?

Occupancy Planning provides a detailed understanding of the use of space by your organization, including any external occupants and direct insights into headcount forecasts and associated implications for space and financial planning. This could include:

  • Conducting detailed occupancy needs analysis for each department via program interviews, discussions and surveys.
  • Undertaking space utilization studies to understand how the space is being used and ensure optimal use.
  • Using occupancy data, existing or projected, to assess the feasibility of the workplace strategy.
  • Collating and reporting on all available data to provide a consolidated occupancy report for planning purposes.
  • An audit of staff headcount and assets.