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UMore Park

UMore Park is a 4,772-acre property owned by the University of Minnesota on the southern edge of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in Rosemount and Empire Township, Dakota County. The University envisions that UMore Park will become a vibrant, market-driven community for resident and business. In February, 2015, the University’s Board of Regents approved market-based development of UMore Park expected to occur in stages spread across several decades. Opportunities to incorporate the vision of the original Concept Master Plan (Summary|Full) developed in 2008 will be considered when UMore Park land parcels are sold for development if there is private market demand for such elements and such concepts serve to protect and/or enhance the development value of the remaining site. Based on that original Concept Master plan, an AUAR-Alternative Urban Areawide Review (Report|Figures) was approved by the Rosemount City Council on October 15, 2013.

University Grove

The University Grove neighborhood, tucked in a quiet, wooded corner next to the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus, is a showcase of midwestern residential architecture. The 103 homes built for professors and administrators over a 60-year period represent an “architectural time capsule” of modern America according to a 1989 article about the neighborhood in The New York Times. The result is a mix of family homes, from modern to traditional, side-by-side. What ties the homes together is the visual continuity of openness between individual lots and street setbacks.

Pillsbury Court

Pillsbury Court is located between 5th Street SE and 6th Street SE and between 10th and 11th Avenue in Minneapolis. The University Board of Regents established Pillsbury Court to provide new faculty with temporary housing. New, full-time faculty can live at Pillsbury Court for up to two years. Faculty members are not eligible to rent units in Pillsbury Court if they have lived in the Twin Cities more than eighteen months.

1666 Coffman Condominium

Coffman Condominium Association
1666 Coffman Street
Falcon Heights, Minnesota 55108 
phone: 651-644-4541
fax: 651-647-4370 
email: [email protected] 

The University of Minnesota Community at 1666 Coffman invites you to Enjoy Your Peak Years. Set in six and a half acres of landscaped park, 1666 Coffman is a residential condominium for University senior faculty and staff, employed or retired, and their spouses. Homes become available from time to time in this thriving community of some 130 people--elegant gracious homes you'll want to see. 

Call the office at 651-644-4541 to arrange a tour!