Leasing FAQ

How can I find out what property the University leases and owns? 
View the Land or Lease reports, or consult the GIS Map
How can I get a lease, use agreement, or access agreement?
Contact REO at (612) 625-5345, or at [email protected]
How can I lease/use University real estate?  
Visit Renting University Space.
Is there a fee to use land or building space at the University for a brief period?
In most situations, there is a fee to use land or building space at the University. 
If you are using University Space, click here.
Is an agreement required if no rent is required? 
When do we use the University’s standard Real Estate contracts
Unless the leasing or use arrangement is so unique that a standard contract will not work, standard contracts are always preferred.  The process will be quicker if the University’s standard form is used.
How do I know when I need a Lease and when I need a Use/License agreement?
In general, if you are using the space for more than 90 continuous days, a Lease will be necessary.  Contact REO for more help.
How do I know which use agreements go to the Real Estate Office for approval and which ones go to the Office of General Counsel? 
If you are using University Space, see  University Space Leasing If you are using Non-University Space, use  Non-University Space Leasing.
How can I determine who has signature authority in my department? 
Use the Delegation of Authority Webpage
Why does the Real Estate Office need accounting information if they are not processing the payment for a particular event? 
The Real Estate Office enters all leasing contracts into the University of Minnesota Lease Inventory, tracking rental payments by fund.  Reports are sent annually to Accounting Services, Capital Oversight Group (COG), and other University departments and to the legislature when requested.
What is the first step in obtaining space for long term off campus space if the University is the tenant? 
First contact the Office of Space Management, and obtain the Minnesota Facility Model form to determine the amount of space you are approved to lease.  Visit Renting Non-University Space for REO's complete guide to using off-campus space.
Who makes the rental payments on a contract? 
When leasing Non-University property long-term, the REO processes the payments for the department.
Who is the legal entity for the University? 
The legal entity for the University is Regents of the University of Minnesota, a Minnesota constitutional corporation. This name should be used for all contracts.
What does the Real Estate Office do regarding housing for Faculty, Staff and Students? 
The Real Estate Office only handles the leasing needs of university departments.  We do not handle student, staff, or faculty housing needs.  Visit our Links page for housing links.
Do we have to do an agreement for every non-University entity (individual or group), including non-Campus Life? 
Every group, including student organizations, are required to execute a Use Agreement, unless they have a EFS number for the rent payment, and are covered by University Insurance.  Student organizations using a University of Minnesota student union are the only exception to this rule.
What is required if liquor will be served at an event? 
Risk Management must aprove all events involving liquor, and additional insurance will be required.
How do I determine the total estimated value of my contract? 
The total estimated value of a contract is based on all costs associated with facilities or services provided for a specific event. In the case of a hotel contract, the value of a contract that includes guest rooms and meeting space can be determined by asking the person representing the facility to include a sentence in the contract that states "The total estimated value of this contract is $________."  You may also contact a Senior Real Estate Specialist for help.