Furniture Coordination Services

The Central and Health Sciences department's provide furniture coordination services including creating conceptual furniture layouts and furniture coordination plans, engaging with university preferred furniture vendors, assisting with furniture selections and recommending finishes that align with the Design Standards, obtaining and reviewing pricing, coordinating and/or facilitating removal of existing furniture and installation of new furniture, and addressing any punch list items (problems) that relate to the installation/reconfiguration of your furniture.

We represent the university by efficiently and effectively planning for furniture that capitalizes on .

  • Existing furniture layouts; when reusing and reconfiguring existing furniture is desired. 
  • Existing furniture relocations and/or proper disposal.
  • New furniture layouts, furniture selections & recommendations, and assistance with gathering and reviewing quotes.
  • New furniture bids, bid review and budget development; for furniture purchases not associated with capital projects.
  • Existing and new furniture layouts; where there's a desire to reuse as much existing furniture as possible, yet some amount of new will be required to support the conceptual design.
  • Coordination of furniture reconfigures and/or new furniture installations with the vendor(s) as well as ensuring punch list items are completed prior to final payment for services rendered.

University preferred furniture vendors can be found on the U-Wide Agreements, A Purchasing Services Program website, where special pricing agreements have been made with suppliers for goods and services. University Departments may order against these Agreements for up to $249,999. All purchases must be completed using either a Requisition transaction in the Enterprise Financial System (EFS), via a U Market order (if the supplier is in U Market) or with a PCard (when appropriate). Learn more about U-Wide Contracts by visiting the link below.

U-Wide Contracts