Capital Project Management (CPM)

Capital Project Management (CPM) is responsible for large-scale, long-term capital projects which maintain, improve or develop the university's capital assets. 

CPM has three main functions; Project Design, Construction and Delivery. The CPM-Design team coordinates system-wide campus architecture and interiors efforts, while CPM-Construction & Delivery teams manage and coordinate project construction. All teams collaborate with internal and external partners to prepare and execute contracts and promote safety and excellence; ensuring projects are delivered within the designed scope, schedule and budget. 

Note: CPM has oversight of the University's Design Guidelines, Interior Finish Standards, and Building Standards. 

Discover Capital Project Management

The Project Request Form is the starting point for any Resource Responsibility Center (RRC) to request services from U Construction, FMdesign, and/or Capital Project Management.

Information pertaining to the the Project Request can be found in My U as follows:

  • MyU > MANAGE BLDG > Project Requests

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