Space Request Form

The Space Request Form is used to request services from PSRE Space & Facilities Planning related to specific space needs and changes in space use. It can include requests for: 

  • New/Additional Assigned Space
  • Release of Space / Space Consolidations
  • Reassignment/Transfer of Space between Resource Responsibility Centers (RRC's)
  • Changing Use and/or Function of Existing Space
  • Space Programming & Planning / Space Assessments
  • New Furniture/Furniture Reconfigures or Move Coordination

We ask that the Resource Responsibility Center Facility Lead (RRC-FL) submit the Space Request Form to ensure alignment with the RRC’s goals, objectives, space and financial resources. Please contact your unit’s RRC-FL to discuss your space needs prior to submitting a Space Request. 

The Space Request Form collects initial information regarding your request including: 

  • Contact Information - Requestor and Single Point of Contact
  • Location - Impacted Building, Floor, Rooms
  • Scope - Defining the Need
  • Criteria - Timeline, Budget, and Known Constraints

Please provide as much information as you have at this time. Once submitted, your request will be reviewed, and you will be contacted for initial consultation.

For general inquiries, and questions please email [email protected]

Submit a Space Request