UMore Park

The University of Minnesota Outreach, Research and Education (UMore) Park is a 4,772-acre property owned by the University of Minnesota on the southern edge of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in Rosemount and Empire Township, Dakota County. The University envisions that UMore Park will become a vibrant, market-driven community for resident and business. 

In February, 2015, the University's Board of Regents approved market-based development of UMore Park expected to occur in stages spread across several decades. Opportunities to incorporate the vision of the original Concept Master Plan (Summary | Full) developed in 2008 will be considered when UMore Park land parcels are sold for development, if there is private market demand for such elements and such concepts serve to protect and/or enhance the development value of the remaining site. Based on that original Concept Master plan, an AUAR-Alternative Urban Areawide Review (Report | Figures) was approved by the Rosemount City Council on October 15, 2013.

The AUAR was updated and approved by the Rosemount City Council on October 16, 2018 (Report).

UMore Park
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